We Are Introducing The First Version Of The Panaswap Whitepaper.

The Whitepaper Will Give More Insight Into Our Project, Our Mission And What We Are Looking To Achieve. Its Will Also Give Details About How We Are Bringing Change To The Cardano Blockchain Ecosystem And Expanding The Horizon Of Decentralised Finance.

Panaswap is a State Of The Art Automated Market Maker And Yield Optimiser Built On The Cardano Blockchain.

Our Whitepaper Will Shed More Light On Some Of Our Project Decisions, Our Liquidity Formula And The Objectives Behind Panaswap Protocol and the functionality of It’s contracts.


Check Out The Panaswap Token Distribution And Supply Information HERE

Stay Tuned As We Bring More Exiting New To The Ever Growing Panaswap Community.

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Panaswap Tokenomics Explained

Do You Wonder How Many $PANA Tokens There Is And How Circulation Will Work? Read Our Tokenomics Explained Below.

The Pana Token will have a total of 300,000,000 Supply and its to be distributed accordingly below:

  • Founding Team : 15%
  • Seed Round : 20%
  • ISPO : 15%
  • Marketing & Partnership : 8%
  • Staking & Rewards Program: 18%
  • Public Pre-Sale: 8%
  • Liquidity Allocation : 10%
  • Locked Ecosystem tokens : 6%

NOTE: Some Of The Token Allocations Will Be Locked For A Period Of 6Months — 1Year .



Panaswap Community

Panaswap Community

State Of The Art Decentralized Exchange / Automated Market Maker Built On The Cardano Blockchain — Pool Liquidity Swap